NexusNation: Quick Information
         Note: If your application is denied, you will have to wait a cool down period of 1 month before reapplying, make it count. 
  1. Being active on our Discord server. Don't just join to sit in the AFK channel or in a channel on your own. Participation is what we want to see from our members.
  2. We don't expect staff to no life the servers however we prefer staff to be consistently active of a suitable standard, this applies to players before applying and staff.
  3. Donating to our servers. Money is great, and helps us out a lot. Donating will increase your chances as it shows you really do want to support our community. However, donating your time to play in our servers is also valuable to us.
  4. Be able to give and receive jokes and know when it's going too far. We're all mature here and our community loves to throw the odd banter at each other (even the staff team!) but you need to know when it is crossing the line.
  5. Familiarize yourself with our servers. We require our staff team to know the ins and outs of all our servers we host, this means branching out to servers you've never played before.
  6. Don't lie. What we hate most is people that try to lie their ways into the staff team. If you lie in your application, we will find out and you will be demoted. We have a zero tolerance for people who try to lie to us, we don't lie to you.
  7. Having around 4/5 days of play time on our servers. This is important to us as it shows that you've been with us for some time. We feel that this isn't a hard requirement to meet, so we expect all players who apply for staff to meet this. All of these hours need to on the account you are applying with.
  8. We aim to be a age 16+ staff team for maturity reasons, this allows us to have a professional team and also have less to worry about school for more hours.(Under 16 will get instantly denied.)
  9. We do not appreciate members applying with immature or rude names. We would advise a suitable game handle otherwise your application may not have the greatest success.
  10. You have to be able to record for evidence when you ban someone. When you are creating a staff application you must provide a recording to show us that you can record in good quality. If you can't record in good quality, you will be declined. Being able to record is a requirement. You can use OBS, Xsplit, Dxtory, Nvidia Shadowplay (You can only use this if you have an Nvidia Graphics card), reLive Instant Replay (You can use this if you're an AMD user).
  11. We request moderators put in a minimum of 7 hours a week onto the servers to make sure all reports are handled and servers are kept in check.
  12. We need moderators to answer as many reports as possible and correctly mute, gag and ban at least 10 offending players each week.
  13. If steps 11 and 12 aren't met each week and you server activity is low (which we can check), then a warning would be given out and after 3 warnings, you may be demoted.
  14. If you pass your trial week, but you are unable to meet the requirements for a week or so, we have an LOA system which is only to be used if you physically cannot get on your PC (i.e. holidays, moving house). If you put in an LOA and we then see you playing other games or on the servers, we expect you to still fulfill moderator duties and if not, your LOA would be deemed invalid and will result in a warning.
  15. The amount of effort put into your application will affect the chances of your application being accepted    
  16. For all boxes that state 'Please be as detailed as possible', You are required to have a minimum of 100 words per box (excluding the last 2). 
NexusNation: Application for Staff