NexusNation: Jailbreak Guide

Jailbreak is a community-based game mode in which the Terrorists' (Prisoners) aim is to successfully rebel against the Counter-Terrorists (Guards) and eliminate them. While the Counter-Terrorists' (Guards) aim is to control the Prisoners and keep them under control while they play mini-games, eventually ending with just one Prisoner remaining.

Playing as a Prisoner
Playing as a Prisoner is always the better option for players new to the Jailbreak game mode, this is because there are much fewer server rules which can be violated while on the Terrorist side. However, this does not mean there are no rules in place for the Prisoners. Ensure that you have made yourself aware of the rules before joining either team. As a Prisoner, your main goal is to rebel against and eliminate the Guards, however, this is not as simple as it may seem. This is because the Guards will spawn inside of an armoury where they can gather weapons to control the Prisoners, while Prisoners will spawn inside cells, only openable from the outside. Once the round commences and you're spawned in your cell, it is always a good idea to search your cell for weapons, grenades, vents or teleports. All of these will assist you in rebelling and put you at an instant advantage.

Following Commands

When the round starts, a warden will be elected from the Guard team. They will be in charge of the round, until either they trade warden away, die or the round ends. You can always easily identify the warden by the tag placed in front of their name "[Warden]". It is very important the Warden is listened to at all times, this ensures that you know exactly what you should be doing and when. Wardens will sometimes use commands which are intentionally used to catch Prisoners out, this could include commands such as "When I say go which is not now, rush to my marker". This command means that the warden does not want you to rush to the marker until the keyword "go" is said. Once you have exited cells, you will often be told to rush to, stand inside or get to a "marker". The term "marker" refers to four bright, flashing, colourful rings which the Warden can place. The marker can often be referred to as "waypoint" or "warden waypoint" all these terms mean and refer to the same thing.

Fulfilling Commands

When the warden is giving commands, especially ones involving movement, it is important the commands are fulfilled as efficiently as possible. Should you be seen to be delaying, you can be shot and on certain occasions, killed.

Rebellion Strategy

When it comes to rebelling, it's always best to plan strategically and only make a move when the time is right. So this means drifting off when the Guards are not paying attention, where it be because their backs are turned or they're focused on another rebel, running directly at a Guard is not always the best idea.

Black Market

The Black Market is a system which is put in place to assist the Prisoners with their rebellion. By executing the !bm command, a Prisoner can open the black market menu allowing them to purchase items such as highly explosive "Cluster Grenades" and even cutting the lights making everyone's screen completely black for a brief period of time!* Items from the Black Market, however, are not free. Items in the black market can be purchased with the in-game currency "credits". Credits can be accumulated by purchasing them from the store, playing on the server and collecting credit boxes.

*cutting the lights requires VIP which is purchasable at the store.


Maps are littered with mini-games which the Guards will attempt to place the Prisoners in. The Warden will proceed to explain the game in full, so it is important you listen to them when they are explaining the game. The winner will often be granted a price of selecting some Prisoners for the Guards to kill, however sometimes at the beginning of a game the Warden may say something such as "If you live, you live. If you die, you die." This means that the game will most likely deal damage to you upon failure and should you die, you will die, and to live, you must complete the game. Maps are also covered with secret vents, teleports and hiding spots. Many guides and tutorials can be found online about secrets spread across the map which will aid you in your rebellion.


Gangs are available for VIP players to create. They grant players a multitude of perks should they be a member of a gang which has the perks upgraded. Being a member of a gang also counts your kills and adds them to your total gang kills which can bump you up higher on the leaderboard viewable via !stats. Gang perks are as follows:

  • Health                 - 10 Levels - Increases HP by 1 unit when on T side.
  • Damage              - 10 Levels - Increases damage dealt when on T side.
  • Evasion               - 10 Levels - Increases chance of taking no damage when shot on T side.
  • Feathers             - 15 Levels - Lowers personal gravity on T side.
  • Stamina              - 10 Levels - Increases movement speed on T side.
  • Weapon Drop   - 10 Levels - Increases chance of a CT dropping their primary weapon when stabbed by a T.
  • Stealing              - 5 Levels  - Increases credits gained from credit boxes when on T side.
  • Slots                    - 6 Levels  - Increases maximum player count in the gang.

Last Request

The last non-rebelling Prisoner alive at the end of the round will be granted LR (Last Request). This means they can select 1v1 mini-games to play with the Guards. Should the Prisoner win all the mini-games and eliminate the entire Guard team 1 by 1, the round will be a win for the Prisoners. However, within the Last Request menu, there is also a "Rebel" option. Upon selection of this option, the player is given 2 main options of rebellion, rebellion for a freeday, and rebellion for a special day. Selecting the "freeday" option will give the Prisoner a UMP-45 and will display a message in the chat stating the final Prisoner has chosen to rebel. This means the Guards are able to kill the Prisoner, however, if the Prisoner manages to eliminate the Guard team, the player will be granted a freeday when the next round commences. Selecting the "special day" option will display an extensive list of special days to choose from. Upon selection of a special day, a message will be displayed in the chat, and regardless of whether the Guards or the Prisoner wins the round, a special day will commence next round. Almost all Jailbreak rules do not apply during Special Days.

Playing as a Guard
Playing as a Guard requires a lot more knowledge of the game mode and server rules, this is because not only are you responsible for your own experience on the server, but you're also tasked with taking care of and controlling all the Prisoners. Because of this, it's important to ensure you are aware of and up to date on the frequently changing rules. As a Guard, you may be selected as Warden on any round, this means you must have a microphone or you are not able to be Guard. Upon the round commencing, you will spawn inside of an armoury with guns. It is important you have left the armoury as quick as possible to avoid any Prisoners running in the open door.


Should you become a Warden because either the current Warden died or because you were randomly selected at the start, there are many features available on the server to assist you in controlling the Prisoners. Double tapping E will create 4 colourful, flashing rings wherever you're looking at. These rings as a collective are referred to as a "marker" or sometimes referred to as a "waypoint". Markers can be used to direct the Prisoners and give a clear indication of where you wish for them to go. You can also paint a line by holding the E key. This can show a clear path for the Prisoners to follow and assist them in completing the command.


As a Guard, it is important to listen to the Warden, just as it is for the Prisoners, this ensures that you know what the Prisoners should be doing and you can act accordingly, it also means that you can avoid areas that the Prisoners are heading towards to prevent baiting. Baiting describes being within knifing distance of any Prisoner, should a Prisoner stab you when you are baiting, they are not rebelling and cannot be killed because of it. Camping certain areas as a Guard is also prohibited. You are not allowed to camp medic as a Guard, and you are not allowed to camp armoury. Warning shots are also something that need to be taken into account when being a Guard.

Warning Shots

A warning shot will give only 5 damage on the first one, 10 on the next, 15 on the next etc. The purpose of a warning shot is to alert a Prisoner that what they're doing is wrong, but it's not lethal, nor rebellious enough to warrant being killed. A warning shot can be performed by holding the E key when shooting.

Assisting the Warden

As a Guard, your sole purpose is to assist the Warden in keeping the Prisoners under control and ensuring the round goes as planned, this means that you need to stay with the Warden at all times unless told otherwise or have sufficient reason to ask and be granted the permission to leave the Warden. For example, you could ask the Warden to pursue a Prisoner that you've seen run away.


The term 'Freedays' describes a day in which no Guards can give any commands to the Prisoners, and the sole purpose is for the Prisoners to explore the map, play games and enjoy themselves. The only times a Guard is permitted to kill a Prisoner during a Freeday is if a Prisoner is rushing you or has a gun and show no intention of surrendering said gun.


Squads are available for VIP players to create. They grant players a multitude of perks should they be a member of a squad which has the perks upgraded. Being a member of a squad also counts your kills and adds them to your total squad kills which can bump you up higher on the leaderboard viewable via !stats. Squad perks are as follows:

  • Health                - 10 Levels - Increases HP by 1 unit when on CT side.
  • Halt                     - 10 Levels - Increases chance of freezing a T when shot.
  • Ammunition    - 10 Levels - Increases ammunition count by 1 bullet when on CT side.
  • Stamina             - 10 Levels - Increases movement speed when on CT side.
  • Stealing             - 10 Levels - Increases credits gained from credit boxes when on CT side.
  • Fast Hands       - 10 Levels - Decreases weapon reload and switch time when on CT side.
  • Bleeding           - 10 Levels - Increases chance of a Prisoner taking damage after being shot for a short duration of time.
  • Slots                   - 6 Levels   - Increases maximum player count in the squad.


One of the most important utilities a Guard has at their disposal is the menu. The menu possesses many helpful commands all bundled into one easy to use menu. It grants you quick access to the Federal Arsenal, an option to change the guns you spawn with, the ability to open cell doors on the go, the ability to grant players Freedays (when appropriate), the ability to revive players should they have been free killed, the ability to heal players should they have been free shot, the ability to glow players different colours to easily tell Prisoners apart in a game like Football for example, the ability to begin a math trivia for the Prisoners in chat and the ability to reset the ball in Football.


Jailbreak maps are full of secrets and ways for Prisoners to rebel. It's important that as a Guard you know about all of these and know how to avoid them. Good map knowledge assists you in knowing places to avoid taking the Prisoners to give you the best possible chance of stopping them going to secrets. This however, does not mean you are to camp secrets or hunt through secrets such as vents for no sufficient reason or without permission.

Federal Arsenal 

The Federal Arsenal is similar to the Black Market, but used instead to assist guards against rebelling prisoners. By executing the !fa command, a menu will appear on the side of the guard's screen which will allow them to purchase items to aid them in having a successful round. Guard can purchase items from "Riot Armour(255hp)" and "Heal shots" to "UAV's" that allow them to find where the remaining rebels are and "Backup Generators" in case prisoners cut the lights. Once again, all of the items in the federal arsenal can be bought using credits.

Credit Boxes

Credit Boxes are dropped upon death of any and all players. These boxes can provide different amounts of credits and different prizes based on gang/squad perks and the tier of the boxes. Upgrading the perk Stealing in gangs for Prisoners and squads for Guards will increase the amount of credits you receive from teal credit boxes. The full list of credit boxes is as follows:

  • Common         - 6 Credits + Stealing Perk Level (Prisoner)
  •                             - 3 Credits + Stealing Perk Level (Guard)
  • Uncommon   - Low Gravity or Lucky Sandwich
  • Rare                  - Freeday Pass, Death or a Weapon
  • Ultra Rare      - 100 - 500 Credits
  • Legendary     - 500 - 2000 Credits

Special Days

Special Days are days which can only commence when they are chosen in the LR menu under the rebel option, or when a staff member deems it appropriate to have a special day. During special days, almost all Jailbreak rules do not apply. The list of Special Days are as follows:

  • Knife Battle - Free for all game-mode where all players are given 3 lives and a knife. The winner is the player left alive at the end of the game.
  • Kill Confirmed - Free for all game-mode where players drop a chicken upon death, if the chicken is not collected by another player within 5 seconds of the chicken dropping, the player will respawn.
  • Gang War - Team based game-mode, all players are split into two teams, Blood and Crips, the objective is to eliminate the enemy team, once the opposition is eliminated, the players will be split into two again. The game continues until just one player remains, they are the victor.
  • No Scope - Free for all game-mode where all players spawn with AWPs which cannot be scoped in, the objective is to eliminate all enemy players until you are the last remaining player.
  • Scoutzknivez - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with SSG 08s and knives, gravity is lower than usual. The objective is to eliminate all other players.
  • One in the Chamber - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with a Desert Eagle with only 1 bullet, all players spawn with only 1hp, the objective is to eliminate all other players.
  • Nade War - Free for all game-mode, players spawn with endless grenades and no knife. The objective is to eliminate all other players just using lethal grenades.
  • Headshot - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with full hp and a fully loaded Desert Eagle. Damage only takes effect when the bullet hits the head.
  • Shark - Team based game-mode, Counter-Terrorists have noclip enabled with just knives while Terrorists spawn with AWPs. The objective is for each team to eliminate the other team before the same happens to them.
  • Nightcrawler - Team based game-mode, Counter-Terrorists are invisible with knives and the ability to teleport and climb walls. Terrorist are equipped with M4A4 rifles which beam out lazers which by default are green, but when a Counter-Terrorist crosses it, the lazer will turn red. The objective is for both teams to eliminate eachother before the same happens to them.
  • Cocktail Party - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with infinite molotov cocktails and are tasked with eliminating all other players just using the cocktails.
  • Trigger Discipline - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with pistols and will take damage upon missing a shot. Damage is stopped once 1hp is reached, the objective is to eliminate all other players.
  • Gun Game - Free for all game-mode, all players start at the beginning of a gun sequence, once a player has reached 2 kills with their weapon, they will receive the next weapon. This repeats until a player reaches the final level, a knife. Once the player kills somebody with the knife, the game ends and they are the victor.
  • Snowball Fight - Free for all game-mode, all players are equipped with decoy grenades which will temporarily slow the player that is hit by it and allow them to be stabbed to death.
  • Hunger Games - Free for all game-mode, all players spawn with no knife and no guns, players will spawn in a circle and are tasked with collecting items from boxes across the map and eliminating all other players, the final player alive is the victor.
  • Warday - Team based game-mode, Counter-Terrorists are given guns and quick movement in order to make their way to the area they wish to protect. They also spawn with riot armour to assist them in eliminating the Terrorists. The Terrorists are to gather guns and try to penetrate the Counter-Terrorists' protected area in order to eliminate them.


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