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Important Stats Ranking Rewards

On the last day of every month at midnight (BST), statistics are collected in for the Top 10 Players across all of our servers. The rankings are reset every first day of the next month. In order for the Top 10 Players to claim their rewards, they must be signed up to the forums and will be contacted via the forums for their rewards.

Here are the rewards listed below (subject to change):

Rank 1:
  • One month free VIP.
  • More features coming soon.
Rank 2/3:
  • 2 weeks free VIP.
  • More features coming soon.
Rank 4/10:
  • 1 week free VIP.
  • More features coming soon.
Players marked with an asterisk are ineligible to claim their reward due to staff status.
[Image: SuN2dHV.jpg]

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