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Top 10 Players of October 2016

Not familiar with the Top 10 Statistics? Read about it here.

Congratulations to the following players for obtaining a place in our Top 10!

  1. cozzaa=DDD! 41,606
  2. bolt 36,031
  3. hoon 35,100
  4. Obez 33,446
  5. NAVI = s1mple 32,805
  6. Ghost 28,859
  7. ✪ ManJova 28,006
  8. Giushk 27,459
  9. MERKYWonderChild 27,123
*The player is not eligible to claim their reward due to their staff status.

The statistics for this month are inaccurate due to this month being the first reset, next month will be a much fairer month.

The monthly rewards will be given out shortly, thank you for all participating in this month.
The rankings will be reset at midnight.
[Image: SuN2dHV.jpg]

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