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This poll will close on: 17-01-2017
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Pending vegan ︻芫═──

In-Game Name: vegan ︻芫═──

SteamID (Click Here): STEAM_1:0:189983281


Location/Time-Zone: GMT 

Playtime (Click Here): 4 day 12 hours 

Do you have access to a microphone and/or TeamSpeak3? i have access to both. 

Name and describe two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. Describe in detail the actions you would take.
1) Mic spamming or unnecessary comments (hate speech or any types of discrimination)
i have a different approach towards these actions than over moderators, firstly i would investigate the situation and then try to make an understanding between us, however if they don't meet my standards i will take further actions by giving them a 30min mute or higher depending on her/his behaviour.

2)  hacks or cheats 
i have many ways to tackle this situation, one way is to spectate and record the person who is being accused of hacking and take notes of his actions, if he/she keeps hitting impossible shots each round (aimbot) or predicting the enemy's location without the enemy giving way positions (wallhack) this could potentially mean that they are hacking. my formula to solve this problem is to invite them to teamspeak to speak about the gameplay and afterwards tell them about the consequence that will take place. the recorded video of them hacking will be shared to an admin for a second person review. any type of hack will not be tolerated and will resolve to a permanent band.

Do you have any other experience with CS:GO moderation? I currently do not have any experience with moderation on cs:go but i am a very organised person and have the same equivalent mentality as a moderator. as i have spent time and communicated with most of them. 

Why should you be a member of the staff team? 
[b]there are many servers but only few moderators, i have spend most of my time on cs:go as it is my hobby, i am already in contact with other staff members making me more advanced than others. i am very likeable, bright and always Humble towards people whether right or wrong,  picking me as a moderator means you will be doing our community a favour because i will promise to provide our cs:go players the happiness they deserve. [/b]

Thank you for reading my application, hope you like it...

100% would love to see you as a mod :D GL
Awesome guy

Overall your a great guy definitely would like to see you on the team,
Your play time is amazing! And I always see you around. Which is definitely great.
You've made some great points,
Maybe with the hacking a bit more of an instant punishment would be given but yeah,   ( But a permanent 'band' would be cool to see :P )
Overall you seem to know how far banter to go, before it is too much.
a +1 from me definitely.
[Image: sigggy.jpg]

+1 from me absolute legend.

friendly to everyone on the server.
Could be a great addition to the staff team.
[Image: VSRBk_VP.png]

Staff application on hold as there is already a lot of moderators on trial.
[Image: 53036e22f959bc778627d31af5cb2788.jpg]

+1 from me, overall great guy and haven't met a more genuine person on the servers, would love to see him help brighten the servers as he seems like a really nice person especially with his techniques of handling different situations, the only bad thing I'd say is that his actions may be influenced from his other friends on the servers that sometimes disobey the rules

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