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NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 22-08-2016

  • Updated site layout and design, more professional outlook and more of a gaming community feel.
  • Main homepage put into maintenance mode until it is fixed.¬†
  • Staff Team updated to cater for more Moderators.
  • Bans page now defaults to the bans list instead of the servers list (due to loads of pages having a server list)
  • Donation page updated to now execute a Cron Job every 24 hours.
  • TeamSpeak page updated to cater the TeamSpeak Sponsorship.
  • Added a Updates post to the News & Announcements area to allow users to keep up-to-date with community changes.
  • All servers updated to the latest CS:GO Update.
  • All servers updated to the latest hot fix to fix server crashing.
  • All servers updated to update the server token on a ban wave.
  • Retakes #2 replaced with FFA to provide more slots and more of an income for the servers.
  • SoundCloud added to the servers to allow players to play their own music (!sc).
  • Removed new maps from 1v1 Servers as players didn't like the change.
  • TeamSpeak accepted our sponsorship deal with them, we now have a license for a 132 slot TeamSpeak Server.
  • Whitelisted server IPs and Website IPs to query the TeamSpeak Server.
  • Permissions fixed for new users so they can see people in other channels.
  • Encrypted audio on all channels for more privacy for users.
  • Increased audio quality on all voice chat rooms.
  • Added a Music Bot which plays Hive365 in the Music Room. (Thanks to Bramble for hosting this facility)
  • Updated TeamSpeak Banner. (Thanks to Bramble for creating this)

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 23-08-2016

  • Banned users can no longer post in the shout box.

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 24-08-2016

  • Top 20 page for Arena replaced with gameME stats which now goes for all servers. This service is not hosted by us internally so we cannot customize it as much as we would like to.
  • All servers now have gameME installed allowing all servers to be tracked on the stats page.

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 25-08-2016

  • Stats page moved to our own domain "", will take up to 24 hours to mitigate. As it stands, the stats page is currently down until the new domain has mitigated.

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 28-08-2016

  • The old stats system has been removed from all 1v1 Arena's.
  • Optimised some of the 1v1 Arena code (removed unwanted code).
  • Updated Staff Immunity, so that Moderators cannot target higher ranks etc.
  • Revamped commands; !steam, !stats, !forums, !rules & !twitter.
  • The above commands now have¬†aliases; !steamgroup, !website & !tweet. (Any other aliases please tell us and we shall add more!)

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 29-08-2016

  • Fixed !rank on Surf as it was not working since the new stats.
  • Fixed lag on retakes server, there is no more lag spikes.
  • Updated rates on the servers to the correct rates for each server (will fix some aspects of lag).
  • Added Retakes #2 back as we had space for another Retakes on the same core.
  • Updated messages printed in-game for stats.
  • Added Retakes #2 to all server lists.

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 29-08-2016

  • Added in-game advertisements on the walls of all maps (1v1 Arena maps still to be done, Retakes is done however).
  • Added a new command for admins to view all team chats to stop people hiding messages.

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 30-08-2016

  • Main server went under maintenance today to add a better CPU and remove unused RAM.
  • Our Firewall is currently still being worked on when our servers go under "mitigation" mode.
  • All arena servers have had in-game advertisements added, thanks to Bramble for helping me with this.
  • has been added as an official sponsor. (

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 03-09-2016

  • Main server went down for upgrades, task took 20 minutes.
  • Servers anti-cheat upgraded so that staff now have ESP when spectating. (!esp)

RE: NexusNation Updates - Lubricant Jam - 07-09-2016

  • Added the map surf_aircontrol_tnn.
  • Added the map surf_leet_xl_beta7z_.
  • Added the map surf_lore_e.
  • Added the map surf_lux.
  • Added the map surf_minuet_v1p.
  • Added the map surf_network_2008_final.
  • Added the map surf_rainbow.
  • Added the map surf_utopia_v3.