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M9 Bayonet | Stained Giveaway! - Lubricant Jam - 22-10-2016

Hello all,

I am here today to announce that we are doing our first giveaway here at NexusNation! This is to celebrate that we have reached 15,000 steam group members and that Halloween is soon approaching! We will be giving away a M9 Bayonet | Stained. This is for a thank you to all that have played on our servers and made our community what it is.

We will be soon planning to do more giveaways of more worth, but we are currently only funded by advertisements as you may see (as no one donates to help us out) so we may do more if we get the fundings! We also want to look into giving away maybe a Karambit to VIP's near the Christmas period so if you want to get in a chance, then donate ;). 

There are only two requirements of which you need to do to partake in this giveaway. You need to be signed up to our Website and in our Steam Group! As simple as that, we also have a Twitter if you wish to follow us, but that is optional! 

Here is a picture of the knife and a link to enter the giveaway! Please note, we will be checking your Steam Profile to see if you're signed up and a part of our group, so please make sure the link to your Steam Profile is CORRECT or we will simply re-draw!

[Image: pcnjhlv.jpg]

Here is the link in which you can enter, there are buttons there in which you can find the sign up and join steam group buttons, thanks for being a part of NexusNation!

The winner will be drawn MIDNIGHT of Halloween! Good Luck!

EDIT: The draw has to be put back 4 weeks due to a ban on my account, thanks for understanding.

The NexusNation Team.