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New Forum Updates! - Lubricant Jam - 20-04-2016

Hello all,

Now I understand that most of you are thinking "Wow! These forums are dead! I register and I see no-one posting or any features". To solve this, I have added a few new additions which I feel will help bring the community closer on the forums. 

We are completely aware that our community wont be as good as it should due to the lack of servers which we have (we are working on it, sorry!) so this is a very good reason as to why our forums are very dull. I have been working on the past few days to customise our forums more and add some good features we had from our old forums. This was a hard process due to our old forums being a different software. However, we are here a few days later with brand new features!

We have added our favourite type of rating system, the famous FacePunch Forums ratings! These are not to be abused and are for legitimate reasons only. If anyone is caught using these to troll or be a minge then you will be punished for doing so. These ratings are to give feedback to the poster and for them to help improve on their posts. We believe this will bring our community more together and give people a reason to use our forums.

Another key feature is that we have added desktop notifications so you do not need to be actively viewing the forums to find out what is going on! This will also enable people to keep the forums open in the background of the game and when you receive a notification we will let you know!

We have also added a few small additions which you may find around the forums but we will let you find out for yourselves. 

I hope we can restore the community to its full and I can't wait to be there for every step of the way!

Thank you,
The NexusNation Team.