NexusNation: Server Rules

All users must read and respectfully follow these rules in order to avoid punishment. By playing on our servers, you agree to update yourself on these rules every so often.

1: No mic spam, chat spam or voice manipulation software.
Please do not excessively over use the microphone, use sound boards, voice changers, obnoxious noises or any other form of disruptive audio. Any singing, rapping, beat-boxing or any other vocal performances are completely forbidden unless instructed by a staff member. Please refrain from posting many messages in the server chat, if you wish to communicate via text, please fit as much as you can into the text box. Posting any URL/Links in the chat is also forbidden due to cyber safety reasons. The only exception may be a link to our site.

2: No impersonating players or player bashing.

Using another player or staff members username whilst playing on our servers is against our rules. Using any unofficial tag such as [Owner] or similar is impersonating staff and may get you banned. Players who have a username registered on our forums will reserve the right to use that name whilst playing on our server. Player bashing is where you are repeatedly targeting, insulting or using negativity and will not be tolerated.

3: No offensive images, links or posts.

Any material which other users find defaming, harassment or abusive is strictly forbidden. Any material which is seen as obscene, discriminating or racist in chat or voice is strictly forbidden. 

4: No external programs, software or scripts.

Any kind of third party software or scripts are against our rules and will result in you being permanently banned. This ban will not be appeal-able and you will be also banned from the forums. This includes, but is not limited to; Bunny Hop Scripts, AHK Scripts (Auto Hot Key), Strafe Hacks or any other software that gives you an unfair advantage. 

5: No map/server exploiting.
If you find an exploit within the server or the map, please do not abuse this and report it to the forums. If you are caught abusing an exploit, you will be permanently banned. If you are found to be using/sharing an exploit you and whoever you shared the exploit with will be banned if they use it.

6: No attempting to abuse RCON, CVars or commands.
Any attempts to harm the server will result in a ban without question, this includes: RCON Scripts, Spamming CVars, Command Spam, and/or other actions that could result in the server crashing.

7: No smurf accounts or alternative accounts to evade bans.
If you are caught using an alternative account to evade a ban on a different account will result in an instant ban and your ban will be doubled.

8: No spawnkilling on surf combat.
Killing enemy players that just spawned in their spawn point and/or camping their spawn for the purpose of getting kills is not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in a warning kick and eventually a ban. If an enemy player is sitting in their spawn and shooting out then they're fair game.

9: No spamming map music features.
Constantly changing songs is considered trolling and will result in a kick or ban for repeated offenses.

10: No hoax calls, inappropriate reasons or basic reasons for Call Admin.
Any attempts to abuse the !calladmin system will result in a ban from all of our servers. A hoax call, a call for an admin which is just to waste time, will give you an extended ban. We require a detailed response to deal with a situation quickly and efficiently, if a reason used is basic such as "help us" then the report may be ignored and/or you will be warned.

11: English only.
You can only speak English in voice or text chat, otherwise you will be muted or gagged by a staff member.

12: No staff disrespect.
This is similar to #2 however players should not be abusing staff members in game through chat or voice. They are there to help keep the servers clean and if players are disrespecting them its not fair on them. Respect mods decisions, they have the final say. If you have a genuine issue come to a senior staff member (Admin +)


Trolling On CT 

1st Offence - CT Ban 3 Days

2nd Offence - Permanent CT BAN


1st Offence - Warning

2nd Offence - CT Ban 3 Days

3rd Offence - Permanent CT BAN

Cheating In LR

1st Offence - Slay Round After

2nd Offence - Ban 1 Day

3rd Offence - Perma Ban

Mic / Chat Spam

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Hour)

3rd Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Day)

4th Offence: Mute / Gag (Permanent)


1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: kick

3rd Offence: Ban (1 Day)

4th Offence: Ban (1 Week)

5th Offence: Ban (Permanent)

Player Bashing

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Hour)

3rd Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Day)

4th Offence: Mute / Gag (Permanent)

Offensive Usernames

1st Offence: Kick (Give a reason)

2nd Offence: Ban (1 Hour)

3rd Offence: Ban (1 Day)

4th Offence: Ban (Permanent)


1st Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Hour)

2nd Offence: Mute / Gag (1 Day)

3rd Offence: Mute / Gag (Permanent)

Impersonating a Player / Staff Member

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Ban (1 Day)

3rd Offence: Ban (1 Week)

4th Offence: Ban (Permanent)

Posting Harmful Link(s)

1st Offence: Ban (1 Day)

2nd Offence: Ban (1 Week)

3rd Offence: Ban (Permanent)

Spamming Map Music

1st Offence: Verbal or written warning

2nd Offence: Kick

3rd Offence: Ban (30 minutes)

4th Offence: Ban (1 hour to 1 day depending on their attitude)


1st Offence: Ban (30 Min)

2nd Offence: Ban (1 Day)

3rd Offence: Ban (Permanent)


1st Offence: Ban (Permanent)

Avoiding Punishment / Smurfing

1st Offence: Ban (Equal duration to pre-existing ban)

VIP's having staff ranks in their name

1st Offence: Ban (1 Days)

2nd Offence: Stripped from VIP and Ban (7 Days)

NexusNation: Jailbreak Rules

Jailbreak is a gamemode in which involves prisoners (Terrorists) and guards (Counter-Terrorists). The guards aim is to kill any rebelling prisoners and order them to play games within the prison in order to get to a final prisoner. The prisoners aim is to either survive by listening to the guards orders or by rebelling and killing the remaining guards. The guards are ran by a warden which is automatically selected at the beginning of each round. They are to govern the prison and gives guards explicit orders which they must follow at all times.

1.1 Global Rules

  • The general rules must always be followed.
  • Honesty is key, please don't lie to staff about free-kills etc.
  • No trying to loophole the rules, use common sense.
  • Do not talk over the warden at any time.
  • No team-killing using map triggers etc if friendly fire mode is not enabled.
  • The term "AFK Freeze" means you stand still with no hands on your keyboard or mouse.
  • Freezing allows players to stand, crouch and jump on the spot unless specified otherwise.
  • No one is allowed to give any type of orders in-game except the warden (includes saying/typing in chat "go" etc)
  • Your name must be easily readable with no foreign characters. Names with letters such as "𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓾𝓼" are allowed.
  • You cannot have any jailbreak related terms in your name. (all T's, jump rope, freeze).
  • Unless you are part of the staff you cannot do microphone checks.
  • Orders and doors must be given/open before 9:00 otherwise the plugin will automatically grant a free-day.
  • Cell doors should only be opened when the warden gives the command to do so or does it themselves (unless a rebelling T gets them open first).
  • If the cells are opened before orders have been given, it is automatically a free day and the one opening the doors will be guard banned.
  • Shots must not be fired into a stack of prisoners unless the guard is certain they have a clear shot or if the stack is rebelling.
  • Being in the armory, knifing or entering vents, shortcuts and having a gun out instantly makes prisoners a rebel unless the warden has given permission to do so.
  • The first round is always a programmed free day. Guards cannot give any orders.
  • As a dead player, speaking over the warden and other players alive is punishable.
  • Any incidents or rule breaking that happens in one round cannot have an effect on any rounds after. For example, a prisoner got free killed in the round and requested a free day for the next round cannot be permitted.
  • Vent cells are to be treated as normal cells if the vent is not accessible (closed off due to not being the random spawn).
  • Do not ghost (bait someone's position out) especially if you’re dead.
  • The plugins are made for a reason, if the plugin prints its a free day it's a free day. (few exceptions).
  • If your microphone is bad do not use it, people might not understand what you’re saying particularly as warden and it will cause complications.
  • You may not interfere with an ongoing LR unless the prisoner rebels.
  • The terms "Guards" and "Prisoners" will always refer to the corresponding teams, it cannot be changed, used in a trap, etc.. its an overriding name and should only be used for overriding confusing situations.
  • Special days are only allowed if requested in the LR menu.
  • Free days are only allowed if requested in the LR menu.
  • No detours and delays implies on all commands. This also applies to Special days too, eg you can't just camp until you're last alive.
  • No cheating implies on all commands.
  • When being told to crouch, it implies stay crouched.
  • When making a gang make sure the name isn't offensive and that you're not advertising within the name.
  • After cell doors have been opened, they should not be re closed by anyone and remain open for the duration of the round.

1.2 Rules For Prisoners

  • All prisoners are considered rebels if they are seen to be trying to escape or rush/attack a guard (with exceptions).
  • Failing to follow commands is classed as rebelling. This includes restriction commands. E.g. if told to get to the front of your cell and face the front, and you are not doing exactly that, you will be kos.
  • Orders take effect where you stand (when told to crouch walk follow warden don't jump first and then crouch walk, take 1 step out of your cell and freeze means not doing something else first).
  • Wait until warden has finished completing the order.
  • Prisoners must follow the orders given by the warden until 20 seconds after his death (restrictions still apply).
  • When given an order you try to complete it with the given restrictions (If you were told to shift walk and then told to do simon says machine, you have to do simon says machine whilst shift walking).
  • When given an order which you cannot complete (not including restrictions) you have to freeze.
  • You have to actively participate in (map) mini-games (so you can't be just frozen and waiting).
  • When a Warden is trying to sort out a game to run don't be an asshole and try and ruin it for them, be considerate and allow them time to do so. 
  • You're not allowed to use the !lr menu if you are the last prisoner alive and still in a mini-game or an order. 
  • Prisoners are allowed to be pardoned by a Warden if they are rebelling or have a gun, however, cannot be granted a free day for LR.
  • Prisoners are allowed to snitch out other prisoners only if the warden asks of you to do so.
  • If you do not have a microphone and you wish to talk you must afk freeze and type your message then go back to following the commands.
  • Intentionally supplying a weapon to another T is counted as rebelling.

1.3 Rules For Guards

  • To be a guard you need to have a clear microphone and be willing to be a warden if selected.
  • Favouritism is not allowed in any form.
  • Guards cannot enter the vents unless a prisoner is seen inside the vents or entering a vent.
  • If you are in pursuit of a prisoner in a vent and you lose sight of the prisoner you must choose a path to search and you must stick to it. You are not allowed to check the whole entire vent system. If the path you have taken is not the correct one, leave the vents via the nearest exit.
  • Guards cannot open any secrets/vents if it will help a prisoner later on in the round.
  • Guards are not allowed to camp any type of vents, secrets, the armoury or any vent entrance/exit (for example, vent cells). 
  • Guards are not allowed to give prisoners guns at any given point and is classed as gun planting which is punishable.
  • Guards must stay with the warden and with the prisoners at all times unless given explicit permission from the warden.
  • Guards must give prisoners a fair chance to complete the warden's orders. Not doing so is classed as free killing.
  • Warning shots must be given for non threatening actions, for example delaying, not facing the right direction, not crouching when told to do so, etc. Warning shots do not have to be given if a prisoner fails a mini-game, running away, inside a vent or hitting a vent or in the armoury. You can't make everything KoS
  • If the warden gives an order which involves a death penalty (like "Take one step out of your cell and afk freeze or you will be killed") you cannot kill them for non threatening actions such as free looking, you must give a warning shot.
  • Warning shots must be given as much as possible by holding down "E" and shooting a prisoner.
  • Guards should leave the armoury by 9:30 and can only return to the armoury if a prisoner is seen in the armoury or for a very prompt ammo re-stock.
  • When there is only one rebelling prisoner remaining, guards are allowed to be sent by the warden to hunt any vents, secrets and the prison.
  • Guards are not allowed to camp the medic room under any circumstance.
  • Guards can only attack rebelling prisoners. If you accidentally free shoot someone then you must heal them if requested. If you accidentally free kill someone you must revive them or kill yourself in the armoury.
  • The only orders a guard can give when there is a warden is to freeze and drop any weapons.
  • If you are selected for warden when the warden dies, you have to follow the previous wardens commands for 20 seconds after death.
  • Guards should always be considerate of prisoners that may not have a microphone.
  • Do not bait prisoners. This means coming within knifing distance, one step away from a prisoner, standing within the path of a moving transit of prisoners. If a prisoner knifes you from you baiting, you cannot retaliate.
  • Guards are not allowed to shoot when the "lights out" on the blackmarket is activated.
  • Guards can play map mini games as long as it poses no risk of death, chance of baiting, getting stuck or not being able to stay with warden/prisoners.
  • If a guard sees a prisoners rebelling they may go hunt but if they have to leave the warden they must ask for permission.
  • Guards cannot judge who is trying to escape a cell solely from the sound of vents breaking, they have to physically see a prisoner trying to escape to call KoS. Guards can use sound ques to request to hunt, as long as they follow previous rules regarding vents.

1.4 Rules for Wardens

  • You must follow the guard rules as well as the rules for wardens.
  • In order to be a warden all your instructions must be clear and follow the server definitions (see below).
  • Do not give orders to guards which make them bait prisoners.
  • As a general rule, a single order (not a trap) should not kill more than 5 or 6 prisoners. (map mini-games are not included).
  • When playing a controllable map mini-game you cannot have more than 5 deaths unless a time limit on completion is specified (your guards are your responsibility, order them to quit pressing buttons).
  • Map special games can only be played twice with a group of prisoners (do not let an entire group play 4 corners 3 times).
  • Special days are only allowed when requested on LR.
  • Orders must be clear, if there was spam during an order you need to repeat the order.
  • Orders must be repeated once per order if requested in chat.(If mods think you're trolling by keep saying repeat in the chat then you'll be punished).
  • You cannot order prisoners to play bugged map mini-games.
  • As the warden, you cannot restrict the prisoners from knifing. The only exception is when AFK frozen.
  • Try and make rounds not repetitive and boring, you're ruining others fun otherwise. 
  • Wardens cannot force a player to bloodhound.
  • Wardens cannot force prisoners to crouch, jump, any variation for longer periods of time.
  • Wardens cannot force a prisoner to type any commands in chat/console.
  • Wardens cannot force a prisoner to kill himself. (jump off the edge, jump in the lava, etc...).
  • Wardens cannot ask a prisoner to drop any utility equipment (non lethal grenades) or suicide bomb. (however if the prisoner refuses to play a mini-game due the fact that he has one of the items you may kill him for not participating).
  • Wardens can order any prisoner (free days included) to drop map specific grenades/bombs. (Toilet/Swords/Etc...) as it is treated as rebelling.
  • Free days can only be acquired via LR, vote or failure to open the cell doors by 9:00.
  • When accepting a free day for LR unless otherwise specified the free day is for next round.
  • When executing a special day you must provide a brief description on how to play the mini-game whilst the countdown happens.
  • Wardens can only give specific guards permission to hunt for rebels and you have to explicitly say "I give X permission to hunt".
  • When revoking a free day, you have to repeat orders given during the prisoners free day.
  • Wardens cannot restrict communications on other guards. (it's the staff's job to act on mic/chat/voice spam)
  • When placing markers which are not directly visible for the majority of the prisoners you have to specify where you placed it.
  • When wardens revoke the previous wardens commands (or all your previous orders) you hereby revoke any command / restriction / free time by the previous wardens.
  • When wardens unrestrict previous wardens restrictions (or all your previous restrictions) you unrestrict all restrictions by any previous warden
  • You are allowed to play a game more then 2 times.
  • Wardens cannot lie about commands, for example, they cannot tell a T they can come join the remaining prisoners without dying and then they get killed for doing so.
  • Wardens cannot do the simon says game (over voice) more than two times per game/map.
  • All mini-games you make prisoners do must be explained in full. Asking the prisoners to crouch if they do not know how to play.
  • Do not be a warden which punishes players for minor errors. This is only acceptable if there is a low ratio of guards to prisoners.
  • You cannot give prisoners orders to do games etc in their cells, the only orders you can give them is to AFK Freeze facing/touching an object in their cell.
  • You cannot give prisoners orders in their cells without a 5 second grace period to follow these orders (for example, "all prisoners AFK freeze facing and touching your cell doors if you are not doing this by 9:30 you are KOS" and the time is 9:35 at the end of the sentence).
  • Wardens are not allowed to kill non-rebelling prisoners if there are 2 non-rebels left. The only exception would be if a prisoner has to reach the end of a mini-game. (like deathrun where the only way out is the end).
  • Wardens must make the two remaining non-rebels to compete for !lr.
  • Wardens are allowed to ask the last non-rebel if they would like to bloodhound the remaining rebels.
  • You can only turn on friendly fire on in the cells before the doors are opened, however you cannot force prisoners to kill one another, it is voluntary.
  • Please keep "Friendly Fire" to a bare minimum (once or twice per map).
  • On "Jb_temple_studios_tnn" Friendly Fire as a whole is not allowed due to the large player count in cells.

1.5 Last Request Rules

  • During !lr you have the ability to specify your rules and conditions to your LR (with exceptions).
  • Last Requests that require staff must be accepted by 3 parties: the player itself, the warden and a staff member (missing 1 of the 3 implies you don't get your LR).
  • A special day cannot be requested if the previous day was a special day.
  • Both parties of the LR must be ready before you start an LR.
  • Do not delay the round when LR becomes available to you. If you do you will be slain or made KOS.
  • Gun toss rules are to be set by the prisoner before the first gun is thrown and must be understood by the guard.
  • Whilst doing race, both parties must agree on a start and end point before they begin and the destinations must be chosen as quickly as possible to ensure there is no round delay.
  • No glitching an LR so that one of the parties is stuck or is unable to take part fairly in and LR. This involves teleporting players to unfair places where if they win they may die or telling a guard to go to a place which puts you at an unfair advantage. This also mean's for special days such as war days, you cannot hold down a location which gives you a distinct advantage over the other team i.e. jb_clouds - Extreme climb teleporter or other map teleports
  • Players cannot slay themselves or kill themselves if they do not like an LR game.
  • Custom LRs are allowed if they are reasonable, do not take too long coming to an agreement and both the warden and prisoner has to come to an agreement.
  • LRs must be fair in starting points, e.g. in shot 4 shot you cannot select mag-7 and go right up into the Guard's face.
  • Prisoners can still be classed as rebelling when they have access to Lr. Being last alive is not a free pass to intimidate guards.
  • Teaming is not allowed in special days. Anyone found teaming will be punished with a slay.

2 Useful Definitions

  • Hunting: Actively looking and not staying in 1 area (camping the tower,etc...).
  • Free-kill: If a guard kills a prisoner that was following all the given orders.
  • Rebelling: Rebelling is when a prisoner turns red breaks any prisoner rules or whenever a prisoner is not following order given by the warden.
  • Walking: Either shift/crouch walking (no jumping).
  • Baiting: This means coming within knifing distance, one step away from a prisoner, standing within the path of a moving transit of prisoners. If a prisoner knifes you from you baiting, you cannot retaliate.
  • Ghosting: Ghosting is an act of multiple players handing out information to each other which result in an unfair gaming experience.
  • Shift: Whatever button you press to walk which is not crouching.
  • Free time: An area restricted "free-day" where prisoners can freely move in (including jumping) and must follow the given restrictions for this free-time. (you cannot leave the area, you do not need to listen to any commands until free-time is revoked).
  • Skipping a game: Skipping a game means you cannot be killed for skipping the game and not be treated differently because of the skip. (in other words: if you skip hard slide, the warden cannot play some shitty game with you because you chose to skip the game)
  • Stairs / ramp: Is the same thing.
  • Bloodhound: The last prisoner trying to find the rebels for the guards to kill. There is no baiting during bloodhound and the guards may kill the bloodhound if they are purposely delaying.
  • Rushing: aggresively moving towards a guard who is not baiting/in the way
  • Restriction commands: A command that restricts prisoners from performing a certain actio. E.g. Jumping

3 Game Modes

  • Knife Battle - You have to use a knife to kill each other in a 1v1 game situation.
  • Kill confirmed - Kill someone and a chicken will drop, pick it up and they will be unable to respawn, just like the COD gamemode ‘Kill Confirmed’
  • Gang war - Two teams, crips and bloods, you have to try kill each other and if the team gets to one sided then it equalizes the teams
  • No scope - You have a awp and cant use your scope and then have a no scope battle.
  • Scoutzknivez - Low gravity scouts battle in a Free-For-All.
  • One in a chamber - You have a deagle and only 1 bullet kill people and you will get your bullet back.
  • Nade war - Have a nade and have to blow up opponents,
  • Headshot - Headshot only 1v1 Deagle.
  • Jedi - You have to punch people to the ground to kill them.
  • Shark - Guards are in noclip and prisoners have a awp and guards have to kill prisoners with their knife.
  • Nightcrawler - Have a laser that is green and CT’s are invisible and if a CT is in front of a t their laser goes red.
  • Cocktail party - **You have a molotov** and you have to kill opponents
  • Trigger discipline - You have a usp and if you miss a shot you lose hp
  • Gun game - All start with a gun and have to get 2 kills with that gun to upgrade it just like the COD game mode.
  • Special day vote - Vote for a special day

4 Commands



!t, !p, !prisoner

Switches you to the Prisoners team

!ct, !g, !guard

Switches you to the Guard team


Opens Guard/Prisoner/Spectator Menu


Opens the cells


Closes the cells


Open special days menu


Open mini games menu


Open freeday menu


Open heal menu


Open glow menu


Open quick revive menu


Open tools menu


Transfers warden


Claims warden


Open guns menu


Starts a math challenge


Open Last Request menu


Aquire the ball


Resets the ball

!gang, !gangs

Opens gang menu


Communicate with fellow gang members

!bm, !blackmarket

Opens T Item menu

Opens Store menu


Check all players credits


Opens stats menu


Stops all sounds

5 Gang Perks

Health = Gains an additional 1 HP per level.

Damage = Increases your damage each level.

Evasion = Increases the chance of evading damage.

Feathers = Decreases your gravity each level.

Stamina = Increases your run speed.

Weapon Drop = Increases the chance of knifing a guard to take their gun.

Stealing = Increases how many credits you find in a box.

Slots = Increases your gang slots.