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Thread Contributor: bleuBunny Hop 1 week mute

Your Steam ID (Click Here):
Staff Member that banned you: Razza
Reason for the ban: "joins spam mic then leaves"
Ban Length: 1 week
Date & Time of the occurrence: 15-09-17 17:25
Photographic/Video Evidence:
Other Information: Got muted for spam when I joined which I got 7 days of playtime on bunny hop showing that I actually play and don't leave and calling for a mod/admin is obviously not spamming. Also i'm muted in chat as well for no reason with 0 warning as I did have a name change to I phone X could have made him think I only joined to spam as new player even though I have the Pro rank with playing everyday and I don't even use chat but I can't even tell the Man dem I have been muted :( rip Mastubatorcard 2k17

I muted you for a week because I join the server and you constantly say my name or you join and then leave. I couldn't care less if you have a week playtime.

how could i do it constantly when I joined played for a while then I was tryna ask you your time on redshit as you would't respond. There was 0 intent of spam and its not like I was screaming your name it was calm. Then I leave because the map ended. Truly the point was you think my intention was to spam like why the fuck would I spam in voice chat I never have and I never will. The mute was for leaving so the week playtime was to show that I wouldn't just leave. If you muted somebody for speaking words 4-5 times its just stupid especially a chat mute when it was voice. Get an admin with an unbiased view to decide.


Wait out the mute.

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