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Thread Contributor: keananMcSurf Ban appeal

Your SteamID (Click Here):STEAM_0:0:223352345
Staff Member that banned you:IDK
Reason for the ban: IDK
Ban Length:IDK
Date & Time of the occurrence:30TH OF SPET 2017 AT 11:35
Photographic/Video Evidence:N/A
Other Information:i report 2guys for cheating , next 5mins im baned wtf.

You were banned by The Frying Dutch Pan for false reporting. This ban is a day long and I will get him to comment his side.

You made a total of 2 reports within a time span of around 10-15 minutes.
I was in the server when you made your first report which was about someone rage hacking: That report was already invalid since that person was not using hacks at all, not even talking about rage hacking(which includes spinbotting etc). I then kicked you because of this very reason, with this very reason.
Then around 10 minutes later you made a second report about someone using aimbot hacking, and this report was also invalid since it was checked right away.
I don't want to deal with false reports, since they are a huge time waster. And there is a difference between someone hacking in combat surf (the server where you were on) vs hacking in 1vs1. The most obvious difference is frequency. People barely (if almost never) cheat in combat surf since it's not worth it for the cheater. If you report 2 different people within 10 minutes of using multi-hack or whatever, I instantly see that you're just here to abuse the system. And that is why I've banned you for a day. I don't want to deal with that kind of abuse.

Denied, wait out your day ban.

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