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Thread Contributor: Lubricant JamImportant IP Change for BHOP, Surf Combat & more!

Hello all, 

As you may know, the following servers have been down, this is due to us changing IPs! The old IPs will soon be turned back on and locked so that no one can join and the name will be replaced with the new IP. This change was mandatory due to our old IP range was using Voxility. 

These servers are now live and fully functional and the only thing you need to do is add these to your server list! 

▪ CS:GO 1v1 Arena #5: 
▪ CS:GO Retakes #5: 
▪ CS:GO Bunny Hop #1: 
▪ CS:GO Surf Combat #1: 
▪ CS:GO Ghost Strike #1: 

Sorry for not informing you sooner, this came sudden to us also (as we were seeing attacks which weren't coming through, but the firewall was blocking good traffic and that is why your VoIP lagged and random stutters occured) 

Lubricant Jam.
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