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Important New Server Hardware

With the recent (and past) complaints about small lag spikes/jitter we have invested in two brand new servers that will now power our CSGO servers. This will replace our old current servers that are on outdated hardware.

The new machine is as follows:
i7-6700k OC 4.6GHz
250GB SSD (With redundant backups on another box)

This new CPU alone is a 40-50% increase in single-threaded performance compared to our old one, with the overclock that bumps up to almost 65-70% of an increase. As this is more of a custom configuration, we built the machines ourselves and own all the hardware.

Pretty much everything arrived today (but the CPU) and I'm currently building the machine :), should see it up within a week and a half.

[Image: ihFK9Wa.jpg]

This new setup will also come along with an IP change which is required, any servers currently at will be changing. Any servers on the IP are already on this new hardware as one server has already been deployed.

Just as hot as me.
[Image: kLxfWyL.jpg]

That doesn't look like a screw driver :/ ;)
[Image: 1e665b296749f9b1e56b41f03ef4efef.jpg]

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