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Introduction (RianKASF)

Hey there Guys 

My name is Rian and I'm 16 and from the London Area in England.
I'm terrible at surfing but I'm training to get better :)

My name is South African for those wondering even though I have no links personally to the place :)

I'm currently planning to study Computing Geography Maths and Economics for college and am a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation

I love to run and I take part in local parkrun events every week
I'm a fullback and a replacement scrumhalf for my rugby team aswell :)

If you see me I'm game be sure to say hi 
I don't bite

Howdy Rian! Already met you in game and you seem like a stand up guy. Glad to see you decided to join the forums. 

Welcome and feel free to join the TS a bit more :-) 

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: green_banner2.jpg]

Wassup Rian! Can't wait to see you around on the forums and the servers, hope you enjoy your time at Nexus!
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[Image: sigggy.jpg]

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