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Surf modes styles

Your SteamID: ρи • McLovin
Description: The !mode / !styles. Im discussing "sideways" (w & s) it works fine, however when u finish a map it doesnt count.
example: [NexusNation] No Local times found on surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ . so i completed it on sideways.
Date & Time of the occurance: 11th jan 2017
Photographic/Video Evidence: however it stills says on !top that no times are on leet sideways. 

thx for reading bbs.

Addition: top 100 doesnt show anyone has completed any maps sideways! proof:

Thank you for reporting this bug, it will be passed onto the Lubricant Jam to contact the dev.
[Image: 1e665b296749f9b1e56b41f03ef4efef.jpg]

Who is the dev?

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