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Thread Contributor: Bamberr1v1 Bamberr

Your SteamID: [b]STEAM_0:0:225227485[/b]
Staff Member that banned you:  Do not Know but here is  a screenshot of the ban message
Reason for the ban:  cheating i think.... well thats why random people called a admin
Ban Length:
Date & Time of the occurrence:   08/07/17
Photographic/Video Evidence:
Other Information:

People was saying i was cheating but i was not, ill even Ss/screenshare if you want me to.

You have been banned by basics. I have asked him to provide evidence and then it will require staff to put there opinion.

thank you

you constantly flick onto their heads with the deagle, not missing a shot.
plus as seen in video 1, you are on from a alt account.


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