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NexusNation: TTT Guide

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a community based gamemode where the overall goal for the Innocents and Detectives is to figure out who the Traitors are and then eliminate them or survive until the end, while the goal for the Traitors is to eliminate all the Innocents and Detectives within the time limit. There are 3 types of roles, these are: Innocents, Traitors and Detectives.

How to win

The round will end under one of three conditions. They are:

All Innocents Eliminated | Traitors Win
All Traitors Eliminated | Innocents Win
Time runs out | Innocents Win

The ‘All Innocents Eliminated’ outcome is where there is at least one Traitor left and no Innocents/Detectives alive. The ‘All Traitors Eliminated’ outcome is when at least one Innocent/Detective is left and no Traitors are alive. The ‘Time runs out’ outcome is when there are still Traitors and Innocents left alive.

Playing as an Innocent

While playing TTT, you’ll be innocent most of the time, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the role. The main objectives of the innocents is to assist the detective in finding the traitors, stay alive and not make themselves suspicious.

Playing as a Detective

As the Detective, your main goal is to identify and eliminate all Traitors. Detectives are equipped with unique tools to help them find who the Traitors are. This includes the taser (which is used to identify a player’s role) and the body scanner (identifies the killer of a body). There are also extra items that only the Detective can buy. Notably, heavy armour and the health station.

Detectives can use the process of elimination to identify Traitors. Once you reveal a player to be an ‘Innocent’ by scanning them with a taser, you can call the player ‘proven’ which will make the whole server aware that they are not a Traitor. If all players are proven and all dead bodies have been ID’d, you are allowed to KOS the last player alive.

Playing as a Traitor

If you get selected as a Traitor, your main goal will be to eliminate all Innocents and Detectives before the time runs out. You will be able to purchase exclusive Traitor items to aid you in this task. Items such as missiles, trip mines and turrets can be bought to kill Innocents and Detectives. You can also talk in the Traitor chat via chat and voice! Hold down ‘R’ while speaking to only communicate with your Traitor buddies.

To succeed as a Traitor, you will have to use a combination of stealth and deception. Blend in with the Innocents and build their trust. Be selective of your targets, you don’t want to be seen killing anyone and risk being revealed as a Traitor. If you’re not the stealthy type you can always go in guns blazing. Just be careful not to get caught!

Role Indicators







Reporting a player

To report players for RDM, if you beleive you have been RDM'd by another player you can now type the command !rdm in chat which will them bring up a menu displaying your last 50 deaths. Selecting the death in which you think you were RDM'd will bring up another menu that will allow you to choose the punishment for the player if they are found guilty of their actions. Once the punishment has been chosen a report will be sent to the staff team which can then be answered when any staff are available.

Reporting players for reasons other than RDM can be done by using the command !calladmin or by opeining a ticket via the #support channel in discord.


Every player has a Karma value. Karma ranges from 150 (highest) to 75 (lowest and auto-banned from the server). It starts at 100, and goes up if you kill a Traitor as an Innocent/Detective, and down if you teamkill (e.g. kill a fellow Innocent while being Innocent).

As previously stated, your Karma can go up and down depending on your actions throughout the course of a round. Here are the points that you can earn/lose for certain actions:

Innocent killing Innocent: -5
Innocent killing Traitor: +3
Innocent killing Detective: -10

Innocent damaging Innocent: 0
Innocent damaging Traitor: +1
Innocent damaging Detective: 0

Traitor killing Innocent: 0
Traitor killing Traitor: -10
Traitor killing Detective: +1

Traitor damaging Innocent: 0
Traitor damaging Traitor: 0
Traitor damaging Detective: 0

Detective killing Innocent: -5
Detective killing Traitor: +3
Detective killing Detective: -15

Detective damaging Innocent: 0
Detective damaging Traitor: +1
Detective damaging Detective: -1

In-Game Shop

If you type “!menu” in chat during a round, a buy-menu will open where you can buy helpful items such as tasers, armour, health shot’s etc. these items can be bought for tokens that is earned during the map and reset when the map changes, so it is encouraged to spend them. These items will help reach the end goal of the role you have been assigned at the start of the round.

Noteable Items




Heal/Hurt shot







Drone Turret

Drone Turret

Silent AWP

Silent AWP

Poison Smoke

Poison Smoke



Taser - This can be used to identify players. When scanned, the player will glow either green or red. If the player glows green they are innocent. However, if they glow red then they are a traitor and should be killed.

Heal Shot - When used by a player, this item will heal the player, increasing their health by 50hp.

Hurt Shot - This item can be bought by a traitor and will be instantly dropped on the floor. When picked up and used by another player, it will begin to damage them until they have lost a total of 50hp. - Traitor only

Exojump - This item will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to movement. It will allow you to jump faster and further when moving around.

Martydom - Purchasing this item from the store will make a nade drop to the ground upon your death, injuring anyone within the blast radius.

Crossbow - This is a silent weapon that can only be purchased by traitors. Shooting someone with this weapon will cause a small amount of initial damage (not enough to kill a healthy player) and will then cause them to bleed out for an additional for an additional 65hp over a short time period. - Traitor only

Missile - This item will allow the user to throw a missile that will head the direction it was thrown continuously before exploding on contact with another object/surface. - Traitor only

Following Missile - This item will allow the user to throw a missile that will follow the first player it locks on to. It will then explode when it makes contact with said player or an object/surface close to them. - Traitor only

Controlling Missile - This item will allow the user to throw a missile that they will then be able to control the direction of using their mouse. This allows the player to control exactly where they want the missile to go and who they want it to kill - Traitor only

Drone Turret - Purchasing this item from the store allows the player to place a dronegun on the ground that will then shoot at any players within its line of sight, inguring them until death. - Traitor only

Poison Smoke - This item can be purchased from the store by a traitor. Once thrown, any players in the smokes radius will begin to take damage. This damage will continue until the smoke dissipates. - Traitor only

Silent AWP - This item can be purchased from the store by a traitor. When fired, the first shot coming from this weapon will be completely silent. - Traitor only

C4 - Purchasing the C4 item allows the player to place a c4 on the ground in a location of their choice. They are then able to choose how long it will be until the C4 explodes. - Traitor only


Tokens are required when purchasing things off of the store in game.
These can be gained by doing the following actions:

Kill as a Traitor
Kill as an Innocent
Kill as a Detective
Identifying bodies
Winning a round
Scanning traitors with a taser